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  • Video still ‘Time Keeping And The Notion Of Time’, 2012, 60’

    Camera operator

    Video-installation, documentary / video-art


    Free creation, HD, 60’

    Writer & director
    Ni Haifeng

    « Time Keeping And The Notion Of Time », is a sculptural installation created by visual artist Ni Haifeng. The installation consists of second hand books in the form of a stoa, ink writings on an immense glass wal, and two independent videos. The installation addresses the origins and development of western knowledge, with special emphasis on the passing of time.

    One of the two videos in the piece depicts the passing of time as it is perceived in the natural world. It presents us with the phenomenon of light, changing shadows, the position of celestial bodies and flowing water. All were used to measure time in ancient times and still hold true as the natural representation of time.

    The other of the two videos depicts the representations of time as developed by mankind. Clocks of various kinds, from ancient sundials, water clocks, hourglasses and mechanical clocks through to the zero-hour meridian line, wristwatches and digital phone alarm clocks.

    « Time Keeping And The Notion Of Time » has been commissioned by the college Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam (NL), where it is permanently installed.